New Marketing Has Increased Our Demand

Times were different when my dad first started his business. He only had to rely on regional customers, so he focused all of his advertising and marketing to just this area. Fast forward 30 years though, and times have changed so much. It is more probable that my dad would have a customer from 2,000 miles away than it is for one to come from 20 miles away because of the ease of online access. This is why we needed to contract MCM Digital lead generation services to help us move the business into modern times.

We had already saturated the market area around us. Everyone within 50 miles knows who we are. The problem is, we already have their business, and we need new business in order to stay relevant. That is why we needed to change our marketing strategy. Otherwise, we were running the risk of online competitors taking all of the business, which would leave us closing our shop doors sooner rather than later. I looked at different companies that offer this type of lead generation services, and I was most impressed with MCM Digital.

I just liked how they spelled everything out right there on their website. Rather than put just a bit of information to lure potential clients into contacting them for the rest of the details, they were very transparent on what they can bring to the table for companies like the one my father started. They didn’t talk above our levels either, since they are obviously the tech experts, which I really appreciated because my father nor I are very technologically inclined. We hired them after talking with them on the phone, and they have more than honored their word. We have clients all over the world now, and we actually have to hire several more people to help us with the demand we are now facing.