A Smarter Way to Getting Clean and Smelling Better

My grandmother used to make soap at home. She would save grease from cooking beef and pork and use lye to make a hard soap. It was not something you really wanted to use to take a shower or bath with. It had a smell to it, but it was not a bad smell. I can only describe it as unique. Probably all commercial soaps without perfumes in them smell like it did. It was great for laundry and hand washing use. I am reminded of that every time I buy a handmade natural soap bar for my skin. It is made of natural things like Grandma’s soap, but it is made to be used on my skin.

I understand chemistry and how things we call synthetic are used to make products better. However, in my mind there is a tipping point in products where you do not have to add any more synthetic stuff and still have a great product. This is why I choose to buy a handmade natural soap bar from a natural product website to use for daily showering and bathing. I do not need or want artificial colors and scents in the soap. If I am going to use deodorant and perfume anyway, why would I want a smelly soap to compete? I even get unscented deodorant to use so it does not interfere with my own use of the perfume that smells how I want to smell like to other people.

The handmade natural soap bar is easy on my skin. I moisturize with another product, so I do not need a moisturizer in my soap I use in showering and bathing. It is just a smarter use of personal hygiene products. I do not want to overdo it with anything from soap to makeup. My husband uses a deodorant soap, a different antiperspirant brand, and then he sprays on a different body spray. He has three different perfumed smells coming off of him at any given time. He does not see anything wrong with that, but he is a guy.